Winter Tips

Helpful Tips For Winter

The City of Airway Heights is dedicated to ensuring that our citizens, emergency responders, school buses and public transportation are able to move safely throughout our community. To accomplish this we will need your help! It is our goal to have all bus routes open and public facilities accessible by 7:00 AM and to have all the City streets cleared by 12:00 PM, so to help us make this happen for you, we offer the following tips:

  • Please remove everything from the roadway to clear it for the snow plows to come through (cars, basketball hoops, garbage cans etc.)
  • Don’t build snow forts or play in the snow berms in the street! If the plow comes through, they may not be able to see you/your children inside.
  • If the temperature dips below freezing, consider leaving your faucets dripping so your pipes don’t freeze.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the full width of the sidewalk along the entire length of the abutting property shall be kept clear of snow, ice, dirt, debris, leaf accumulations and any other obstacles or obstructions that would hinder or interfere with safe and easy pedestrian use.