Public safety is priority #1 for Airway Heights residents

The Airway Heights City Council passed a resolution to place a public safety measure on the August 6, 2024 primary election ballot. The purpose of the ballot measure is to adequately fund police and public safety services.

Here’s why

Call volumes for the Airway Heights Police Department have increased 133% in five years. However, the department has the lowest staffing levels in relation to calls for service. For example, the city has just 14 patrol officers and each officer responds to approximately 1,500 calls per year. The Police Department has to prioritize 911 calls and many non-violent crimes – stolen property, auto theft, vandalism or traffic violations – go unanswered unless an officer is available.

Patrol cars have aged out of service and are costing more in maintenance/repairs than they are worth. Outdated technology and equipment restrict officers from making arrests. The police department also requires additional revenue for lethal drug (such as fentanyl) trafficking that has killed city residents and impacted family members for generations.

Our community has given us the answer

Police Chief Richmond and City Manager Albert Tripp proposed a resolution to the City Council to hire and equip more police officers, replace patrol cars to have an increased police presence on the roads and neighborhoods and update technology and equipment to help identify and locate criminals. Funding also would allow the city to focus on lethal drug trafficking (fentanyl) and go after the dealers who are killing people in our community. The resolution passed unanimously.

We can make these improvements

The cost for these improvements would be approximately $25 per month for the average homeowner (defined at $300,000). This is the first funding request for the police department in the history of the city.  If approved by voters, the city’s general property tax rate would still be lower than neighboring areas. More information can be found at

Ask questions anytime

Thank you for partnering with us to provide a safer community. Police Chief Brad Richmond is available to answer questions at 509-244-3707 or .