6th Avenue Extension and Redesign Project

6th Avenue Extension - Craig Road to Russell Street

What is this project?

The 6th Avenue segment between Craig Road and South Ketchum Drive (600-feet) is being designed as a boulevard, filling in the missing segment of 6th Avenue. From South Ketchum Drive to Russell Street, 6th Avenue will be reconstructed as a boulevard with roundabouts at Lundstrom and Lawson, infill sidewalk on the north side of 6th Avenue, and an 8-10 foot shared-use path on the south side. This design with applicable elements including ADA ramps and drainage swales will require additional City right of way acquisitions.

What is the goal of this project?

The goal of this project is to improve the overall transportation system, and multimodal usability and safety of 6th Avenue between Craig Road and Russell Street. The project includes extending 6th Avenue to Craig Road, sidewalks to eliminate gaps on the north side, a shared-use path on the south side, median treatments to create a boulevard, and transit stops along the route.

Preliminary Draft of the 6th Ave. Extension Project Design Now Available:

Where can I find more information or ask questions?

Contact the Project Manager, ReBecca Fouts, at rfouts@ardurra.com or City Planning Director, Heather Trautman, at htrautman@cawh.org.