Probation Services

Airway Heights Municipal Court Probation provides probation services for adult misdemeanant criminal defendants. 

Probation Services also monitors defendants who have entered into a Stipulated Order of Continuance (SOC) agreement or a Deferred Prosecution or defendants who are placed on pretrial release conditions.

The Probation Officer for Airway Heights Municipal Court is Julia Furfaro and she can be reached either by phone at (509) 244-2773 or by email at  

Urine Analysis (UA’s)

If the court has ordered you to provide UA’s, you must call in or check the website to DrugScan every day, seven days a week, including Saturday & Sunday and holidays.


If you need a referral, probation will be happy to provide that for you. Please contact probation at 509-244-2773 or email at and we will provide the information you need. 

MRT Classes

If the court has ordered you to DV MRT, MRT, Coping with Anger, or Something for Nothing you can contact probation services.  The fees for the classes and book fees can be found on the Court’s Fee Schedule: Here.

Airway Heights Probation does offer MRT classes to outside referrals.  Please contact probation services for more information. 

Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) and/or SCRAM

All electronic home monitoring and/or SCRAM ordered by the court is monitored through probation/pretrial services for compliance. Moon Security is the company most ordered. It is the defendant’s responsibility to contact Moon Security within 24 to 48 hours to schedule an intake appointment, orientation and hook-up. The cost is subject to change and is the responsibility of the defendant unless otherwise noted.

Contact Information: 

Substance Use Disorder Evaluation

If the court has ordered an substance use disorder evaluation, the defendant will be required to obtain this evaluation from any number of agencies available in the Spokane County area. See Substance Use Disorder Agencies Form below under Probation Forms. If they are out of Spokane County Area they must be state certified and must meet the same criteria as Spokane County. Indigent defendants may contact DSHS to apply for ADATSA funding.

(SOC) Stipulated Order of Continuance

Defendants who enter into a Stipulated Order of Continuance agreement with the Court will be monitored through Probation/Pretrial Services. Contact probation to schedule or be given a referral for any conditions imposed.