File a Utility Dispute

Utility Dispute Process:

  1. Utility account holders have the right to dispute a bill if he/she believes it is in error.
  2. The Utility Dispute Form can be located here.
  3. Fill out Utility Dispute Form and return to City Hall.
  4. Upon receipt the Finance Staff will date stamp and forward the form to the Clerk-Treasurer.
  5. The dispute will be reviewed by Clerk-Treasurer and copies forwarded to the Utility Dispute Board.
  6. The Clerk-Treasurer shall request the utility clerk to provide background information on the disputed account that includes current balance, past due balance, current or prior payment agreements and other historical information.
  7. The Utility Dispute Board will convene within 10 business days to review the dispute and make a recommendation to the Clerk-Treasurer.
  8. The Dispute Board members shall meet, review the request, discuss relevant information and make a written recommendation for final action to: (1) the Finance Committee for fees or charges under $500.00 and (2) the City Council for fees and charges over $500.01 with consideration at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting. AHMC 13.04.162
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