Planning Applications, Documents, and Forms

Land Use Applications

For every application, the agreement to pay fees, landowner consent form, general land use application and associated fees must be paid before the planning department will process an application.

Planning Department Applications

Certificate of Exemption

(boundary line adjustments, lot segregation, lot consolidation, aggregations, segregations) – Both pages #1 and #2, as well as the County Segregation form and Tax Payment Certification listed below must be completed and submitted with fees.

Development Codes – The Official Airway Heights Municipal Code (AHMC) can be accessed online or at City Hall. 

AHMC Chapter 14, Development Code Administration explains the process for how a development application is processed, what types of projects require a public hearing, public participation requirements, and other procedural items.

AHMC Chapter 16, Subdivisions, provides information on the different types of subdivisions of land permitted within the City, and the process and regulations for subdividing property.

AHMC Chapter 17, Zoning, provides land-use tables, zoning regulations, sign regulations, landscaping regulations, parking regulations, and other zoning and land-use codes.