Form of Government

Airway Heights Council-Manager Form of Government

In November 2000, the citizens of Airway Heights voted to approve the change from a Mayor-Council form of government to a Council-Manager form of government*.

In a local government using the Council Manager system:

  • The City Council appoints an officer whose title is “City Manager”, and serves as the chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of the city government.
  • The City Manager shall be responsible to the Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the City.
  • The council of a non charter code city, with twenty-five hundred or more inhabitants shall consist of seven members.
  • The City Manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the City of Airway Heights and is responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of the affairs of the City.
  • In a Council-Manager government, the City Council employs the City Manager to run the day-to-day operations of the City.
  • Under this form of government, the Council Chair presides over the meetings of City Council.
  • In addition to the powers conferred upon the Chair, the Chair continues to have the rights, privileges and immunities as a member of City Council.
  • The Chair is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of military law and has no regular administrative duties.

The Council-Manager plan of government is fully defined in RCW 35a Chapter 13.