Blake Cases Information


In 2021, the Washington State Supreme Court found the law criminalizing drug possession unconstitutional. As a result of this decision, known as State v. Blake, any Blake-related convictions qualify to be removed (vacated) from one’s criminal record, and any legal financial obligations (LFOs) paid as a result qualify for financial reimbursement. Link to Supreme Court decision:   WA Reports Public Access Cui| PAW Document Page (

Individuals convicted of simple drug possession, cannabis possession and paraphernalia convictions between 1971 and 2021 can now receive qualifying financial reimbursements via the Bureau’s self-guided, centralized portal.

They City of Airway Heights and the Municipal Court have taken a proactive approach to Blake-related drug possession convictions and to the best of our knowledge have processed these cases that had been filed in the Court.  The Court has processed these vacate and refund orders and mailed them to the parties to the address that was given in the order. 

If you think you had a Blake-related case with Airway Heights Municipal Court, please contact us at 509-244-2773 or email to receive/view a copy of your order.   

If you are looking for information on how to receive your refund you must contact the Blake Refund Bureau through Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts at