Make a Public Records Request

In order to make a Public Records Requests for any information maintained by the City of Airway Heights, please complete a Public Records Request Form. The form may be dropped off or mailed to City Hall, at 1208 S Lundstrom St, Airway Heights, WA 99001 or email to

When Public Records Requests are received by the City of Airway Heights, they have five (5) business days to respond with:

  • The record(s) being requested (depending on the record there may also be a charge for copies of any record)
  • An acknowledgement that the request has been received and a request for more time to process the request
  • A denial of the request, with a written statement as to the reasons it was denied.

Records Requests made to the City cannot be processed if the records in question do not already exist, are past their retention schedule and have been destroyed, or unreasonably disrupt the normal operations of the Clerk-Treasurer, the department, or the assisting employee(s) (AHMC 2.28.070).

Fee Resolution 2023-027

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