Apply for Water Leak Mitigation

The City of Airway Heights has established a Water Leak Mitigation Program and Committee for residents who fit the following qualifications:

  1. The leak is not inside of the property, nor due to any part of the property’s facilities, or there is a physical break in the water line;
  2. The meter or water line are inspected by a representative from Public Works; and
  3. The leak is fixable and the repairs have been made within 60 days of the detection of the leak, and a representative from Public Works verifies that the leak has been fixed.

If the above qualifications are met then a resident can fill out the Water Leak Mitigation Application Form and a decision regarding the bill from a water leak will be determined by:

  1. A Utility Clerk if the disputed amount is below $500
  2. The Water Leak Mitigation Committee if the disputed amount is between $500 – $2000
  3. If the bill resulting from the leak is higher than $2000, it will have to be disputed through the normal Utility Dispute process.

In order to consider a request for Water Leak Mitigation, the past due amount must be paid in full on the account. If the request is approved:

  1. If the citizen has been living in Airway Heights for over a year, the previous year’s payment for the same billing cycle will be used
  2. If the citizen has lived in Airway Heights less than a year, an average of the past three months will be used
  3. If the citizen has lived in Airway Heights for less than three months, the base fee plus 1,000 gallon charge per person per residence will be used

The Water Leak Mitigation Form can be mailed to City Hall at 1208 S Lundstrom St, Airway Heights, WA 99001.