Draft Plans, Projects and Developmental Codes

Draft Plans, Projects, and Developmental Codes

Currently, the City of Airway Heights is considering changes to multiple sections of the Airway Heights Municipal Code, as well as, facilitating future Comprehensive Plan amendments to remain consistent with recently implemented requirements for Missing Middle Housing, Accessory Dwelling Units, and Sustainability. Please visit this page for information on current projects, including drafts, pubic hearing information, addendums, community events, etc.:   

Addendum: City of Airway Heights RFQ 2024-01 Climate Change and Resiliency Elements

January 30, 2024

2.3 Budget

Deliverables & Budget

Contract Budget

Future Requests

Deliverable Due

Deliverable A: Submit Public Engagement Plan to COM



Jun 2024

Deliverable B: Submit a memo to COM summarizing completion of this step and/or submit a copy of completed Climate Element Workbook (Explore Climate Impacts)



Sept 2024

Deliverable C: Submit a memo to COM regarding the completion of the Audit



Nov 2024

Deliverable D: Submit a memo to COM describing that AH’s has completed climate vulnerability assessment



Jan 2025

Deliverable E: Submit memo of completion of the resilience recommendations



May 2025

Deliverable F: Submit memo to COM summarizing the goals, policies, and implementation plan/strategies to achieve targets (GHG sub-element)



Aug 2025

Deliverable G: Submit a memo to COM describing the completion of the GHG sub-element



Dec 2025

Deliverable H: Submit memo to COM confirming the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan



Jun 2026




Future 2026-2029

Contract Total

$230,000 Schedule of billing rates and a specific “not to exceed” capped fee including associated fees (i.e. printing costs, attendance at meetings, travel). A requested payment schedule should accompany the work schedule.

  • Would a one-pager of our billing rate ranges be acceptable for this or is there something else specifically that you are looking for this. Any clarification would be helpful.

Response: Billing rates are acceptable, additional information such as anticipated project costs and itemizing the costs are helpful. In particular the costs of additional services such as printing, website development, mileage, etc. With the project scope and budget provided, the goal is transparency to firms which respond with qualifications.  The firm selected will be contracted with based on the project scope and budget.

4.2 References

Provide names and telephone numbers of at least five references willing to attest to your firm’s ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

  • Are we allowed to add Airway Heights as one reference?

Response: Yes, the City can be a reference. Brief resumes of the “Principal-in Charge” and the key technical personnel to be assigned to projects.

  • The RFP requires that we designate both a Principal-in-Charge and a Project Manager. Can you confirm that the Principal-in-Charge and the Project Manager may be two separate managerial roles performed by two different people?

Response:  Yes, they may be two separate managerial roles performed by two different people.

  • Additionally, is there a website or portal in which I should be checking for addenda or Q&A documents or will those be distributed by email?

Response: Yes, a page on the City of Airway Heights website at www.cawh.org  and will be set up by February 6th with the addendum, this addendum will also be distributed by email.

6. Submittal

Six (6) copies of the complete Statement of Qualifications are due to the City of Airway Heights, Washington, City Hall prior to 4:00 p.m. on February 13, 2024. Proposals may be hand-delivered, mailed, emailed or delivered by courier. Facsimiles proposals WILL NOT be accepted, and considered nonresponsive to this RFQ. Submissions including less than the requested number of copies that are hand delivered or mailed or delivered by courier will be deemed non-responsive and ineligible for further consideration during the selection process.

  • Are we allowed to email (one copy) of the proposal to you? Anyone else we should include on the email?
  • Will RFQ submittals be accepted by email? The RFQ Submittal Section (6.) says that proposals “may be hand-delivered, mailed, emailed, or delivered by courier.” But the “Additional Contact Information” section with an email address listed says that submittals will not be accepted via email.

Response: Yes, a copy of the proposal can be emailed as well as the other options listed in section 6.  Please include Zachary Becker, zbecker@cawh.org in email submissions as well.

Community Engagement Event for Pedestrian Improvements along Highway 2

You’re invited to an Open House on Monday, February 5th from 5-7 PM at The Hub located at 12703 W 14th Ave in Airway Heights to discuss improvements along the US 2 corridor between Lundstrom and Lawson Street. The 30% design includes safety enhancements that encourage access, walkability, biking, and connectivity to transit. Refreshments will be provided.
If you cannot attend the Open House, please visit the project website at bit.ly/airwayheights to provide feedback through a survey open from Feb 5th to Feb 15th.
Accommodation requests for those with disabilities or requests for language interpretation services may be made by contacting Heather Trautman, City of Airway Heights Planning Director, at 509-242-3603 or HTrautman@cawh.org.
To request translated material in Spanish or Marshallese please contact Heather Trautman, City of Airway Heights Planning Director, at 509-242-3603 or HTrautman@cawh.org
Para solicitar material traducido al español o al marshalés, por favor contacte a Heather Trautman en el 509-242-3603, o envíe un correo electrónico a HTrautman@cawh.org
Elane kwoj aikuj jiban nan ukook ilo jerbal ak wawein ko jet ilo Kajin Spanish ak Kajin Marshall jouj im call e tok na ilo numba in 509-242-3603 ak komaron email tok na ilo email ne HTrautman@cawh.org

2023 Zoning Map Amendment

This amendment to the City’s official zoning map is proposed to provide consistency with the recently adopted 2023 City of Airway Heights Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map required under RCW 36.70A.040 (4)(d). An additional goal of this amendment is to ensure that areas that have been rezoned between 2022 and now are accurate and up to date on the City’s official zoning map.

The City of Airway Heights Planning Commission will be holding a workshop on December 13, 2023 at 6:00 pm in the Board Room at City Hall located at 13120 W 13th Ave. A public hearing is tentatively scheduled for January 10, 2024 at 6:00 pm, also in the Board Room at City Hall. The final adoption of the 2023 City of Airway Heights Zoning map is currently scheduled to take place at the City Council meeting on Monday, February 19, 2024 at 5:30 pm.  

If you would like to submit a written comment, please submit by 4:00 p.m., January 9, 2023, to planninginfo@cawh.org or via mail with adequate time to be delivered by January 9th, to: City of Airway Heights, Att: Planning Department, 13120 W. 13th Ave., Airway Heights, WA 99001.