Utilities Price Update

The City of Airway Heights is updating its prices for water and sewer services in January 2024 and garbage service in March 2024.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and the city is investing heavily to provide the best utility services.

Since the city’s last utility price update, nearly 10 years ago, we have switched water sources due to the PFAS contamination.  We previously produce most of our water and now we purchase noncontaminated water from the City of Spokane.  While the purchases have increased our operating cost, we are committed to providing drinking water free of PFAS contamination.  These smaller pricing updates allow us to make investments in the water and sewer system over time rather than all at once.  These changes combined with updates we are making for garbage service allow the city to invest in services our customers enjoy.

We are committed to offering competitive pricing and operating utilities that meet your needs.

There is no action needed on your end.

The new pricing for utilities will reflect the update on the January bill.  The new pricing for garbage services is scheduled to be updated in March 2024.

Thank you for being a valued City of Airway Heights customer.