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Planning Department


Welcome to the City of Airway Heights

Planning Department Webpage 

The primary function of the Airway Heights Planning Department is to review land-use activities in the City including:

  • Land Segregation and Aggregation
  • Residential, Commercial and Instrial Site Development
  • Signs and Landscaping
  • Home Occupation, Temporary and Special Event Permits
  • Rezones and Conditional Use Permits
  • Annexations and Comprehensive Map and Text Changes

The Planning Department strives to provide excellent customer service to residents, landowners, and business owners in Airway Heights.  

The Airway Heights Municipal Code (AHMC) Titles that are the primary responsibility of the Planning Department are Title 14, Development Code, Title 16, Subdivisions, and Title 17, Zoning. Any questions regarding these sections of the AHMC should be directed to the Planning Department at the contacts below.

Useful Planning Department Links 

Frequency Asked Questions
Planning Regulations, Applications, and Documents
Development Activity Locator Map
Planning Commission

Planning Department Contacts  

To contact Planning: o

Phone (509) 24402552

Fax (509) 244-4317

Mailing Address: 1208 S Lundstrom St, Airway Heights, WA 99001


City of Airway Heights Downtown Plan


The City of Airway Heights received a $50,000.00 grant from the Department of Commerce to enhance the housing and mixed use development downtown and along US Hwy 2. This planning effort will:

  • Engage Stakeholders and community members to guide public policy and investment.
  • Establish an actionable plan for the community's downtown.
  • Promote code amendments relating to housing, short plats, and updates to the commercial zoning districts.
  • Maintain compatibility with existing or planned land uses and the surrounding development pattern.
  • Enhance the quality of the neighborhoods and business development along the US-2 Corridor.
  • Define downtown as a district area within the US-2 Corridor.

Please join us for an interactive event with our consultant from SCJ Alliance to develop a vision for the downtown starting at 4:00 p.m. through Zoom. Click for the Zoom meeting invite and instructions. 


Please take a moment to fill out our Central Business District Survey 


Map Amendment in the APZII and Sound Contour Areas

Public notices were mailed to property owners and distributed to residents in the areas located in the APZ II and Sound Contour Areas. The notices provide information on the proposed change of the land use designation from Low Density Residential to Industrial in the draft Comprehensive Plan for this area.  To see this area, click here for the map.

What: A Comprehensive Plan update that adjusted the land use designation of parcels located within the Accident Potential Zone II and Sound Contour Areas 65-69 and 70-75 from their current designation of residential to industrial.

Where: (See map) Properties that are currently identified as residential which are located either fully or partially within the Accident Potential Zone II or Sound Contour Areas 65-69 and 70-75.

Why: The purpose of the change from residential to industrial is to allow for land uses more compatible with the Accident Potential Zone II and Sound Contour requirements under Airway Heights Municipal Code 17.16, the 2009 Joint Land Use Study, and to increase the Fairchild Airforce Base mission’s compatibility with the surrounding land uses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will this change affect my ability to live within this area?

    No, under the Airway Heights Municipal Code (17.03.170) all current residential uses will continue to be allowed as non-conforming uses. 

  2. Will this land use change affect how I can use my property?

    Yes, changing the land use designation within these areas will allow for expanded uses as defined within the Airway Heights Municipal Code (17.12.020) to include commercial and industrial uses.  

  3. I have a parcel located within the Accident Potential Zone II and may be interested in selling. Who may I contact?

    Spokane County has a stated interest in acquiring mobile home park parcels located within the Accident Potential Zone II. For more information, please contact Deborah Firkins at County Commissioner Al French’s office at or 509-477-7417. 

  4. Are there any additional housing resources available?

    Yes, an additional step being taken to support residents in this area is funding by the Washington State Legislature to build additional rental and home ownership opportunities for low income households. For more information on these housing opportunities, please contact Habitat for Humanity at 509-534-2552 and Community Frameworks at 509-484-6733.

  5. What happens next?

After the approved the Comprehensive Plan on June 15, 2020, changes to teh zoning map will occur next to zone the property as Industrial.  The City Council will hold public hearings this summer on the zoning map change, this will be another opportunity for you to comment, either in writing or by verbal testimony. Please check back with this page and the City’s main page for updates on hearing date scheduling.