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City Council




Sonny "James" Weathers, Councilmember Sonny Weathers. Sonny is an invested member of Airway Heights who enjoys being a part of the process that shapes our community into the kind of place we desire to live through retirement. He moved to town in September of 2010 and along with his wife, two daughters, and son, has sought to build a level of trust and confidence with their neighbors which results in a kind of fellowship that has proven beneficial to all. His family is also growing their sense of community as members of a great local church where he serves on the board of elders. Sonny offers ample leadership experience across a broad spectrum of military service, church                                                                                            involvement, and appointed civic roles, along with a compelling vision of                                                                             thriving citizens and responsible/accountable government. It is his                                                                                       distinct pleasure to strive on behalf of Airway Heights in the direction of                                                                               building community and enhancing quality of life. 

VeronicaDeputy Mayor, Veronica Messing,  Veronica Messing is excited to be serving on the Airway Heights City Council. Mrs. Messing moved to Airway Heights in 2008, and lives with her husband and two sons. She is active in the community, serving on the Sunset Elementary PTO and volunteering with the Airway Heights Library's community book club. Veronica is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and works at ACT Services in Spokane and at Sacred Heart Medical Center on the psychiatric unit. She grew up north of Spokane in Elk, Washington and earned her bachelor's and master's degrees and Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA.  

  LarryCouncilmember Larry Bowman, Councilmember Bowman had grown up on the West Coast when he enlisted in the United States Air Force from his hometown of Olivehurst, California in 2001. Soon after, he found himself stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base as an Aerospace Repair technician. Mr. Bowman lived in the local area since arriving to Washington in 2002 and eventually settled in the City of Airway Heights in 2008. After multiple years of coaching youth sports for the city, he was asked to become more involved in the community in which he lived. He soon accepted an opportunity to be on the city’s Planning Commission that he eventually chaired. During his service on the Planning Commission, Mr. Bowman recognized the potential for even greater involvement and community service and eventually decided to run for City Council and was elected in November of 2015.

Mr. Bowman retired from the military in June of 2015 and decided to stay in the city of Airway Heights because of the love he has for his church and local community. He is a small-business owner in the local area and brings 14 plus years of program management as well as resource budgeting and accounting experience to the city. Mr. Bowman promotes economic and community growth through fiscal responsibility while simultaneously listening to the local needs of citizens of the city. Mr. Bowman strives to continually improve the quality of life for the residents of Airway Heights by advocating for the needs and wants of those who live here. His education includes a bachelor's of accounting, an associates in Aviation Maintenance Technology and an associates of Instructor of Technology and Military Science.


JMorton Council Photo3Councilmember Jennifer Morton was raised in the small town of Davenport, WA and found her way to the City of Airway Heights in 2017 where she bought her first home. She has a diverse background ranging from aerospace distribution, financial services, city government, and human resources. The military moto of “leave it better than what I found it” is the driving force that propels her to leave a lasting impact that is measurable and quantifiable. Councilmember Morton looks to work toward four key goals:


  • Water:  provide an actionable sustainable solution for providing clean affordable water for Airway Heights citizens.
  • Housing:  provide affordable, quality housing for current and new residents.     
  • Schools:  secure a complete K-12 school system in our city for the growing population.  
  • Infrastructure:  provide accessible public transportation, inter-agency collaboration, and safe walking/biking paths that connect our thriving neighborhoods and city core. 

With her educational background in public and business administration and military training, Councilmember Morton brings over 18 years of experience ranging from road construction, personnel management, and operation management. As an activate member of the community, she has worked with special needs populations, veterans, the homeless community, and at-risk youth. Councilmember Morton hopes to pull from these wide-ranging experience to meet some of the challenges facing our local community. She looks forward to being a part of the exciting transformation currently underway in the City of Airway Heights.

Councilmember, Arthur Bubb

Councilmember, Dave Malet

Councilmember, Davin Perry 


The end of each Councilmember's terms are as follows:

Position 1 (Mayor): December 31, 2021
Position 2 (Councilmember): December 31, 2025
Position 3 (Councilmember): December 31, 2023
Position 4 (Councilmember): December 31, 2025
Position 5 (Councilmember): December 31, 2023
Position 6 (Councilmember): December 31, 2025
Position 7 (Councilmember): December 31, 2023


Previous Mayors and their Terms:

Name  Replaced by if Mayor Resigned 
2017  Kevin Richey   James "Sonny" Weathers (2021)
2013 Patrick Rushing  Kevin Richey (2015)
2009  Patrick Rushing   
2005  Matthew Pederson   
2001  Dale Perry   
1997 Brian Grady   
1993  Don Harmon   
1989  Joe Martella   
1985  Richard Russell   
1983  Joe Martella   
1981  Bob Bundy  Joe Martella  (1983)
1977  Lorraine Horton   
1973  Lorraine Horton   
1969  Lorraine Horton   
1964  Ralph E. Nolte  Lorraine Horton (1696)