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Probation Services


Probation Services:

Airway Heights Municipal Court Probation provides probation services for adult misdemeanant criminal defendants. 

When a defendant is found or pleads guilty in a Municipal Court, the judge may or may not place the defendant on probation.  If the defendant is placed on probation, either supervised or unsupervised, the defendant can expect to schedule a probation appointment at the court clerk’s window immediately following sentencing.

At the probation appointment a brief intake interview will be conducted.  During intake, the defendant will be advised of all probation conditions and necessary referrals.  If you have any kind of treatment you will be required to sign a release of confidential information allowing probation to receive your treatment information.

Your probation officer serves the court, and is available to you as a resource.  If you need a referral source, help finding a treatment provider, or a court ordered class or a place to do community service, do not hesitate to contact probation.  The probation officer is here to help you succeed.  Remember, your probation officer is NOT an attorney and should not be substitute for speaking with your attorney regarding your case. 

If a defendant is placed on “supervised” probation, a risk assessment will be done to determine how often the defendant will be required to see the probation officer in person, phone or mail contact.

If the defendant is placed on “unsupervised” probation, he/she will not need to return to the probation office unless there is a probation violation. 

Probation Services also monitors defendants who have entered into a Stipulated Order of Continuance (SOC) agreement or defendants who are placed on pretrial release conditions.

The person who handles questions regarding Probation Services is Heather Smith and she can be reached either by phone at (509) 244-8256 or by email at Probation Services may not be available on Tuesday as Court is in session all day and we are assisting other people.  Chief Probation Officer is Bree Breza she can assist you if Heather Smith is unavailable. (509) 244-8256 Ext. 108


DUI Victim‘s Impact Panel:

If the court has ordered attendance at a DUI Victim’s Impact Panel, the defendant will be required to attend the Spokane County DUI Victim Impact Panel  The Panel is held on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Spokane County Public Works Building-Hearing Room, 1026 West Broadway, adjacent to the Spokane County Courthouse.  The cost for the panel is $50.00 if you reschedule there may be additional fees.

(MRT) Moral Reconation Therapy Programs:

MRT is offered Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30.  Cost for the program is $25.00 for the book and $5.00 for very class.  The length of the class depends on your participation and passing the classes.  Something for Nothing and Anger Management is currently being offered.  The classes are usually 6 to 8 classes.  

Alcohol/Drug Evaluation:

If the court has ordered an alcohol/drug evaluation, the defendant will be required to obtain this evaluation from any number of agencies available in the Spokane County area.  If they are out of Spokane County Area they must be state certified and must meet the same criteria as Spokane County.  Indigent defendants may contact DSHS to apply for ADATSA funding. 

(SOC) Stipulated Order of Continuance

Defendants who enter into a Stipulated Order of Continuance agreement with the Court will be monitored through Probation Services.  They will be required to meet with probation a minimum of one time to schedule or be given a referral for any conditions imposed.  Defendants need to contact the court two days prior to any review hearing.  If the defendant is fully compliant their presence may be waived.  When and if the defendant has successfully completed the conditions of the order the charges will be dismissed at the end of the deferral period.  They will not be removed from your defendant case history.  It will show a dismissed charge.

Deferred Prosecution

Defendants petitioning the court to enter into a Deferred Prosecution must schedule an appointment with probation services before their court date.  Probation Services will review the alcohol/drug or mental health evaluation, confirm treatment is started or has a start date and assess if the defendant is a good candidate for a deferred prosecution.


If you need a referral probation will be happy to provide that for you.  Please contact the probation officer or the front desk and we will provide the information you need. 

Supervised Probation:

Supervised probation will consist of an in person probation appointment and monthly contact in person or by phone.  Probation Officer will monitor for compliance with all conditions of sentence, including monthly review of defendant’s criminal history.

Unsupervised Probation:

Unsupervised probation will not require an initial meeting with probation unless otherwise noted.  Defendant must keep the court up to date with current address and phone number.  If a probation violation is found you will be notified by mail and your presence will be mandatory.  Your defendant case history will be monitored for compliance.

Electronic Home Monitoring; GPS; EHM

All electronic home monitoring ordered by the court is monitored through probation for compliance.  Moon Security is the company most ordered.  It is the defendant’s responsibility to contact Moon Security within 24 to 48 hours to schedule an intake appointment, orientation and hook-up.  The cost is subject to change and is the responsibility of the defendant unless otherwise noted.


If a defendant is required to report to jail, you will need to contact the jail directly within 48 hours to an intake of requirements.

Spokane County Jail

Geiger Corrections

Lincoln County Jail