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What's Happening in Code Enforcement


Snow storms create havoc not only for our residents but for our city crews who are out plowing while residents are sleeping. One of the biggest obstacles our crews have is navigating the plow trucks around obstacles such as basketball hoops, parked/ stored cars etc.


We do have a code to address this that was created in 1966 and under Municipal Code 10/12.050 Parking and snow removal it states that "It is unlawful for any person to park or leave parked any vehicle upon any public street after personal notice is received by that person that the city intends to remove snow from the street."

  In addition the city has a code also created in 1966 under Municipal Code 10.12.020 that prohibits parking on the city street (which includes the right of way) or alley for a continuous period of time in excess of 24-hours.

If you recently found your car flagged with a flyer from Code Enforcement, it is because our crews are having a hard time navigating roadways where cars are being parked overnight before the storm hit.

If you are able to park your car in your garage or driveway and get your vehicles off the street to allow the crews to plow it would help your street remain passable and help our crews by allowing them to work faster to reach more roads. 

At this time no one is being told they are being towed-we are counting on the goodwill of the citizens to ensure that the crews can work unimpeded and Code Enforcement is happy to talk to you about any concerns regarding this ongoing issue.