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What's Happening in Code Enforcement


Its that time of year again!!

Please move your basketball hoop off the street when it is not in use to allow our city street crews complete and full access to maintain the roads this winter. 

As we anticipate winter approaching the city wants to make sure all basketball hoops are off the street to allow our City Street Crews access to plow and maintain the roads so we can all get around safely. If crews can’t access a road, they can’t plow it and portable hoops can become an obstacle for our snow plow trucks.  

Common Questions:

Q.  My basketball hoop has a flyer on it-does this mean I am in violation or I'm being cited?

A.   No- the flyer is just a reminder that we need to get hoops off the street when they are not being actively used. 

Q.  Can I still use my hoop?

A.  Yes!  We just ask that like all things when not in use you remove it from the street or right of way.

Q.  Why didn't my neighbor's hoop get a flyer?

A.  It is possible your neighbor was already asked to move the hoop or more likely- with such a small Code Department our lone officer simply didn't have time to tag all of the hoops she encountered that day.