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My car was tagged for tow, now what?


Cars are tagged for tow removal for several reasons:

1)  Your plates are expired- if your tags are expired your car cannot be on city streets, even parked and it will be tagged for 24 hour removal.

2) Your car is not operable- the tires are flat, there are car parts in the car, under the car, around the car etc., that clearly show the car cannot move- which means it can't be on the street in this condition and it will be tagged for 24 hour removal.

3) The car doesn't move.  I.E you are storing it on the street because you have too many cars and not enough parking space!   Unfortunately our right of ways and streets are not designed for storage of RV's, Boats, Trailers or even cars.  If you aren't driving it on a regular basis you are better off finding a storage unit to put it in and get it off the streets.


Okay, so you know why your car has been tagged but what can you do about it?

1. Move it onto your own property.  The city doesn't regulate cars parked on private property with expired tags.  Don't confuse the right of way in front of your home with private property!  Most of the time this strip of land between the road and sidewalk is the city's not yours.

2.  Get your tags current and move it -it still can't be stored on the street for more than 24 hours.

3.  Call Code Enforcement if you need time to get it moved at 509-321-7527  We are happy to help you but if we don't hear from you we can only go by what we know.   


Once your car has been towed by a tow company it is no longer something Code Enforcement can help you with.  Code Enforcement cannot control the cost to get a vehicle out of impound or stop a tow once it has begun.  

Remember you have 24 hours from the time your car is marked for tow and the time and date are on that bright orange sticker to remind you of the deadline.  



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