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Council Priorities 2015-2016


Council Priorities

2015-2016 Strategic Goals

Annually, the Airway Heights City Council convenes to set goals and objectives as well as discuss, identify and prioritize projects to achieve those goals and improve the quality of life in the city.

In March 2015 the Council finalized their 2015-2016 strategic goals.  The priorities include: Recreational Improvements and Programs, Public Safety, Revitalization, Multimodal Transportation, Quality of Life, Fiscal Sustainability, Public Outreach and Economic Development.

Recreational Improvements & Programs

Goal 1: Recreational Options - Expand recreational services/improvements.

Objective 1- Dedicate admission tax revenue as permanent funding source to enhance and improve parks and recreation services.

Objective 2- Partner with the Kalispel Tribe to joint plan and develop the Hayford Road Corridor and 70 acre park using a partnership.

Objective 3- Acquire land east of Hayford Road for a residential city park.

Public Safety

Goal 2: Public Safety Improvements- Enhance public safety to meet the growing needs of the community.

Objective 1- Add two new Police Officers and two part-time firefighters.


Goal 3: SR2 Revitalization – Implement plans to improve the safety, use, and looks of SR2.

Objective 1- Support the planning process for the revitalization of SR2.                                                             

Objective 2- Adopt a prioritized conceptual plan for SR2.

Multimodal Transportation

Goal 4: Transportation Improvement Infrastructure – Develop multimodal improvements for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Objective 1 – Complete and adopt integrated street, sidewalk, pathway, and bicycle plan.

Objective 2- Implement prioritized TBD projects using TBD and grant funds.

Quality of Life

Goal 5: Community Quality of Life – Improve the community quality of life by enhancing the cleanliness and repair of streets and sidewalks, park services, library services, police services, fire services, and K-12 education.           

Objective 1 – Establish committee to determine how to construct park facilities.

Objective 2- Partner with the Kalispel Tribe on the development of the 70 acre park site.

Fiscal Sustainability

Goal 6: Financial Planning – The City of Airway Heights shall use its resources efficiently and manage its finances so it can meet its spending commitments, both now and in the future and ensure future generations of taxpayers do not face an unmanageable bill for government services provided to the current generation.                                              

Objective 1 – Develop policy on achieving and maintaining a “structurally balanced budget.”

Objective 2 - Develop policy on fees and charges.                                                                                         

Objective 3- Develop policy on establishing and maintaining reserve funds.                                                      

Objective 4- Develop policy on stabilization funds.                                                                                             

Objective 5- Develop policy of revenue diversification.                                                                                     

Objective 6 -Develop policy on considering the full cost of maintenance and operations when considering a City capital project.

Objective 7-Develop policy on review of financial indicators to assess fiscal sustainability.

Public Outreach

Goal 7: Civic Engagement – Provide citizens, residents, businesses, and visiting public with meaningful, relevant, and convenient ways to participate in decisions, and actively participate in civic life by conducting regular and consistent outreach to the community, including two way conversations with:

  • the residential community, to assure that the character and quality of the city is maintained and enhanced.
  • the business community, to assure that the City remains an economically healthy and profitable place to do business.
  • the visiting public, to maintain the attractiveness of the City as a desirable place to visit and shop.

Objective 1 – Conduct small neighborhood meetings.

Objective 2 – Provide online forums for citizens to give feedback on policies.

Objective 3 – Perform direct mailings of brochures, postcards, invitations, flyers, and newsletters to residents (including annexed area via bulk maling).

Objective 4- Create a City Council website contact request form.                                                                    

Objective 5 – Establish partnerships with residential and business interest to reflect their needs.

Objective 6 – As the city implements infrastructure initiatives, it will inform the community of and solicit support for infrastructure maintenance plans.

Economic Development

Goal 8: Business Retention and Recruitment – Support and grow economic development opportunities within the City.                                                                                                                                                          

Objective 1- Obtain GSI’s involvement in business recruitment.                                                                      

Objective 2- Conduct quarterly business breakfast to engage, communicate with and retain local businesses.   

Objective 3- Implement the “Community Excellence Award Program”.